Heating Services In Winnipeg

Winnipeg is cold. That’s an understatement - Winnipeg is freezing. And if your furnace isn’t working properly, you might end up with cold spots throughout your house. You might find yourself unable to get your house to reach that nice, cozy temperature you’re looking for.

And that’s not all a bad furnace can do. We’ve got a few questions for you:

Is the air quality in your house so bad and dusty that it feels like you’re venturing into an ancient tomb every time you open the front door? Do rattling noises frighten you awake every night? Do you feel like you’ve been cursed by the mummy who lives in that tomb to have heating bills that soar higher and higher every year?

Don’t worry - you haven’t invoked the wrath of a long-forgotten spirit. You just need to repair or replace your furnace! Call Howell Mechanical.


Furnace Repair

There’s never a good time for your furnace to break down in Winnipeg. Your home could reach sub-zero temperatures in no time flat. That’s more than just uncomfortable - it’s a health hazard, and it could lead to burst water pipes.

We understand that furnace repairs can be urgent - that’s why we offer emergency furnace repair, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our expert furnace technicians will visit your home day or night and get your furnace fixed quickly and efficiently - so you can get back to comfortable, safe living.


Furnace Replacement & Installation

Is your furnace more than 10 years old? You could end up saving money by installing a new furnace. The newest units on the market benefit from over a decade of new technologies. High-efficiency furnaces might be 15% or more efficient than your old furnace. That can translate to savings of 15% or more on your heating bills - that’s quite a lot of savings!

And when you get a new furnace, you’ll have to spend less money on repairs - not to mention how much more comfortable your home will be once your old, less-than-functional furnace is replaced. You’ll also be living greener by reducing your carbon footprint, as high-efficiency furnaces waste less energy through the use of technologies like secondary heat exchangers.

Our licenced HVAC technicians are experts when it comes to choosing and installing new furnaces. Give us a call - we’ll discuss your needs, help you pick the right unit, then replace your old furnace. We ensure that your furnace is perfectly sized. We can also help you upgrade your thermostat and save money using smart thermostat technologies.


Furnace Maintenance

Want your furnace to heat your home better, last longer, and be less prone to breakdown? Want to improve the air quality of your home? Regular furnace maintenance could be the solution for you.

During our maintenance process, we’ll ensure that all of your furnace’s connections are properly tightened, that the burner is cleaned, that the filters are changed, and more. Regular maintenance may be a requirement to keep your furnace’s warranty - but even if it’s not, we recommend getting your furnace maintained. You can even save money, as regular maintenance will help preserve your furnace’s fuel efficiency.

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