Commercial Heating Services In Winnipeg

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In Winnipeg, heating is more than just a matter of comfort - it’s a matter of safety. Keep your clients, staff, and tenants safe. Trust Howell Mechanical with all of your commercial heating needs.

We have years of experience serving businesses in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help you choose the heating services that will provide the levels of comfort, security, and profitability your business strives for. That’s why we offer a variety of different heating systems and services - we’ve tailored our business to suit the particular needs of businesses in Winnipeg.


Our clients have put their faith in us for years because of our commitment to quality work, and our dedication to helping them find the best heating solutions for their needs. Our experienced, certified HVAC technicians are here to ensure that you get the most out of your new heating system.

We’ll help you evaluate energy efficiency, savings over time compared to the initial cost of a unit, expected repair and maintenance costs, and more. We’ll make sure that you get the heating system that suits your needs - there’s no one size fits all in the business world, just like there’s no one size fits all in HVAC.

We provide the following heating services for commercial HVAC systems:


  • Commercial Air Filtration Systems
  • Commercial Furnace Repairs
  • Complete Heating System Design and Installation
  • Heat Pumps
  • Package Units
  • Routine Furnace Maintenance
  • Boiler Installation, Repair, and Replacement
  • Emergency Repair (24/7, 365)
  • And more


The services listed above pertain to commercial heating - but we do so much more! We’re here for all of your commercial HVAC needs, including all of your cooling and ventilation requirements. And we’ll take on projects of any size - big or small, give Howell a call.


Spaces That May Require Our Services

Our services can be used in commercial spaces big and small. From cafés in Wolseley to malls and warehouses, you can count on Howell Mechanical to provide top-notch, reliable, and affordable heating.

No two setups are exactly the same. The needs of a commercial kitchen, where heat is almost constantly being generated by cooking equipment, will differ from the needs of a boutique shop on Academy, whose primary heating goal is keeping customers comfortable. That’s why we never choose cookie-cutter solutions - we customize each heating system to the needs of our clients.

We serve a wide variety of different businesses, including:

  • Retail storefronts
  • Malls
  • Office buildings
  • Condos and apartments
  • Schools
  • Community centres
  • High-rises
  • And more

In other words, if you’re a commercial business, we can provide heating services for you - no matter what size your building is. Repair, replacement, and maintenance - we do it all at Howell Mechanical.

Which Heating System Is Right for My Business?

There is a dizzying array of different heating systems on the market. Furnaces, boilers, rooftop packaged units that include cooling, different brands, a variety of monitoring systems, different ventilation systems, and more. Heating systems are complex, and finding the right options for your business will take careful consideration.

Here are some of the questions we may ask you when evaluating what system will be best for you - they’re questions you should ask yourself, too:


  • Do I want to spend more upfront and have lower energy bills, or spend less upfront and increase my overhead costs?
  • Are there climate incentives that I could use to rebate a high-efficiency heating system?
  • What other sources are generating heat in my business?
  • How important is quality ventilation in my building?
  • Who will be using the heating system?

There are a number of other questions that we’ll address, too. With heating systems, bigger doesn’t always mean better. We’ll ensure that the heating system is properly sized, taking into account the occupancy of your business, its level of insulation, height, and much more.


Call Howell Mechanical for Commercial Heating Services

Whether you need to schedule regular maintenance for your furnace, or you have to build a Winnipeg heating system from the ground up, you can count on the experts at Howell Mechanical. Our team of skilled technicians is large enough that we can take on projects of any size - we look forward to working with you to improve your business.