Cooling Services In Winnipeg

There’s nothing quite like summertime in Winnipeg. We make up for most of the cold we get in the winter with warm and sunny days all summer long. When you’re spending time at the beach or walking along the Red, that’s a beautiful thing - but when you’re trapped inside your home, and you don’t have a decent AC system, it can be pretty uncomfortable.

Do you find you can’t cool your home properly in the summer? Is your AC making strange noises? Do you not have an AC system at all? Does your current system keep breaking down?

Don’t worry - Howell Mechanical is here to help. We offer a variety of different AC systems and services, all tailored to the needs of Winnipeggers. Whole-home systems, ductless split systems, repair, replacement, installation, and more - our expert HVAC technicians do it all.

Whole-Home Systems

If you’re still using window air conditioners for your home, it’s time to upgrade to central air. Whole-home air conditioning systems are more comfortable than window units - and they cost a lot less over time, as they’re more energy-efficient.

We have a wide selection of different whole-house AC systems, and our experienced technicians will help you select the perfect system for your home - then install it for you. We offer competitive rates on the best brands available in Winnipeg.

Do you have an AC system that’s over 10 years old? Take a look at our high-efficiency central air systems. A high-efficiency system could help you save 15% or more on your cooling bills - that can mean a lot of savings over time!

Ductless Split Systems

Ductless split systems are all the rage in the air conditioning world - and we’re proud to offer some of the best ductless systems on the market. Ductless AC doesn’t use ductwork, so if you have a home heated with radiators a ductless system is the best alternative.

The best feature of ductless split systems? Each zone in your home is provided with its own air conditioner. That means there’s no more fussing over the thermostat for central air - each room or zone can have its cooling tailored to the comfort of the person in the room. Saving money and ending arguments - that’s the power of ductless split systems.

Interested in a ductless split? The pros at Howell Mechanical can help.


How To Choose the Right Cooling System

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right Winnipeg cooling system. We’ll handle the technical stuff, like sizing the system. Your main concerns should be:

  • How much do I have to spend?
  • Am I worried about allergies/air quality?
  • Do I want each room in my home to have adjustable cooling?
  • How drastically do I want to reduce my energy consumption?
  • Will using a higher efficiency system save me money in the long run?

These questions will dictate the kind of cooling system you get. Central air systems tend to be less expensive than ductless systems. High-efficiency systems are more expensive than standard efficiency systems, but they can save you a lot of money over time.

If tight climate controls and air quality are important concerns for you, a ductless system may be the way to go. If you just want to cool your whole home for a lower upfront cost, a central system may be best. And if you want to know how much money you could save over time with a high-efficiency system, talk to one of our HVAC experts!

Repair, Replacement, or Installation

When your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home properly - or isn’t working at all, we can help. We offer repair for all kinds of different AC units, including central air and ductless systems. We also offer maintenance for AC units.

And when you’ve decided to replace your old system - because it’s not working anymore, repairs have become too expensive, or you’re just looking for more comfort and lower energy bills - give us a call. We’ll help you find the perfect system, and install it for you.

We’re Howell Mechanical, and we offer AC repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Call us today!