Winnipeg Plumbing Company Confident That Leasing Represents The Future of Water Heater Installations

WINNIPEG, Canada – Howell Mechanical, a leading provider of commercial and residential plumbing services in Winnipeg, Canada, is convinced that the future of water heating purchases may be via way of leasing. As the price of water heaters continues to rise, and the fact that they inevitably break down at inconvenient times, the prospect of leasing a water heater is rapidly becoming an attractive proposition.

Leasing a water heater delivers many benefits to a homeowner. There are zero up-front costs, with affordable monthly payments. There is no need to pay for repairs or maintenance separately, as everything is included in the lease price. Customers can take advantage of valuable utility and manufacturer rebates on eligible equipment, and all products are covered by a 24/7/365 call centre and same-day service policy.

“Leasing takes all of the hassles out of ordering a new water heater and is proving to be an increasingly popular choice amongst our customers,” said Allan Peters. “Leasing reduces many of the risks associated with owning a water heater and gives homeowners the confidence of knowing there are never going to be any unexpected expenses, enabling them to budget more efficiently. We are confident that leasing will become the leading method that homeowners use to finance a new water heater moving forward and are proud to offer the Enercare Advantage leasing program, which we believe delivers exceptional value.”

Howell is also very pleased to offer leasing options on furnaces as well.

Howell Mechanical has been serving Winnipeg homeowners and small business customers since 1983. They specialize in providing full-service plumbing and work on all brands of equipment. Their plumbing services cover essential repairs from toilets and faucets to creating new basement bathrooms and other complex renovations. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at