Winnipeg HVAC Company Experiencing Huge Success With World’s First Self-Cleaning, No Maintenance, Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Generator: iWave-R

WINNIPEG, Canada – Howell Mechanical, a forward-thinking and innovative HVAC company based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to report that demand for their innovative iWave product is exceeding all sales expectations. 

The iWave-R is the world’s first self-cleaning, no maintenance, needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in residential duct AC systems. As the air flows past the iWave-R, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mould, bacteria, and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke, and static electricity, as well as controlling odours (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

Due to the popularity of the item, Howell Mechanical has decided to run a summer promotion to assist and benefit as many customers as possible. For a limited time, the product’s price will be reduced from $799 to $719; installation is extra. However, if the customer purchases an AC cleaning or service at the same time, then the installation will be free. 

People worldwide have become much more aware of their health, especially since the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and the iWave-R utilizes natures methods to clean the air. By recreating this natural effect in the home or office, people will benefit from breathing clean air and living and/or working in a more pleasant environment. 

“We always knew that the iWave-R was a special product, but even we have been shocked at how popular it has become,” said Allan Peters. “Once people experience the benefits of this revolutionary product, they do not want to live in a home that does not have one installed. As the word spreads, we continue to receive an increased number of inquiries, and we expect this to be one of our growth areas moving forward. When we run a promotion, we always want it to benefit as many people as possible, which is why we chose the iWave-R this year. We have been inundated with positive reviews of the product, and look forward to many more in the future.” 

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