Winnipeg HVAC Company Announces Promotion On Their New Carrier Hybrid Pump

WINNIPEG, Canada – Howell Mechanical, an established and well-respected HVAC company based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce that they are running a launch promotion for their new Carrier hybrid pump. The hybrid pump is a unique product that requires a special training package for anyone who wishes to become an authorized installer.  The staff at Howell Mechanical have received this training and, consequently, can install the system into homes across Winnipeg. 


The Carrier Ductless Single Zone Hybrid Solution delivers the well-publicized benefits of both a ductless and traditional HVAC system. Previously, homeowners had to choose between a conventional or a ductless HVAC system, but with this modern breakthrough of technology, customers can enjoy the benefits of both. This means a homeowner can enjoy the quiet operation, small footprint, and enhanced efficiency of a ductless system, and the high performance of a traditional system, all in one single uniquely hybrid system. 


“At Howell Mechanical, we are committed to being at the forefront of technology, with the aim of providing our customers with the best solution possible for their needs and requirements,” said Allan Peters. “With the ever-increasing cost of energy, homeowners must utilize modern technology to deliver the best value for money in both the short and long term. We are confident that this new Carrier hybrid pump system will become the gold standard moving forward, which is why we wanted to offer it to our customers as quickly as possible. Demand for the new system is already building, and we are very excited about the future.” 


Howell Mechanical has been serving Winnipeg homeowners and small business customers since 1983. They specialize in providing full-service Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning repair and replacement. They work on all brands of equipment, from boilers and furnaces in basements to rooftop heat / cool units and air make-up units on the roof. Their plumbing services cover basic repairs to toilets and faucets, creating new basement bathrooms, and various other renovations. They can work with interior designers and carpenters to ensure that all the plumbing meets City of Winnipeg code requirements. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at