What Else Can A Heating Boiler Do?

You know that a heating boiler can keep your home or business warm during the coldest months of the year. 

But what else can your boiler do?

You may be surprised to learn that boilers have a number of functions beyond providing heat to a building. We’re going to go over 3 things that your boiler can do that you may not have expected: 


Boilers can heat your water

To be clear, not every type of boiler can heat your water. But one of the most popular types of boiler available today, the combi-boiler, acts as both a heat source for your home and a water heater.


There are a number of advantages to combi-boilers. First, you’ll only need one unit for all of your heating needs, making them a perfect choice for homes or businesses where space is at a premium. 


Second, you won’t need to buy two different units – and that means you can save money. It also means you’ll pay less for repairs and replacement over the years, since you’ll only have one unit you need to maintain.


Boilers can provide external heat

Heating your driveway or pool with a furnace? Not the easiest thing on the planet. Air vents aren’t the most useful tools when it comes to outdoor heating.


Pipes, on the other hand, are made to be used outside. That means that you can use your boiler to provide heat to areas outside your home. 


This isn’t to say using your boiler as an external heat source doesn’t take some work. You’ll need to install pipes – that can take some digging, and cost a bit of money. But for some home and business owners, those costs are well worth it. 


For businesses, the prospects can be very bright – it’s easy to see how a heated parking lot or a heated rooftop swimming pool could provide excellent ROI.


Boilers can save you money

We hinted at this in the “Boilers can heat your water” section – you’ll save on repairs, replacement, and space when you get a combi-boiler.


But the savings go beyond that – even if you don’t have a combi-boiler, you can save money with a modern, high-efficiency boiler. Energy Star boilers, fueled by gas, can save you 10% on your energy costs each year compared to a conventional boiler. 


That adds up quickly, and when paired with green incentives offered by the federal and provincial governments, you can more than offset the extra cost of a new boiler.


Now that you know what a boiler can do, give us a call! We offer residential and commercial boiler service in Winnipeg. Whether you’re looking to save a bit of money or start an outdoor heating project, we can help.